1. Where is Elm Street?

    Some lifelong residents asked this question during interviews for our August 2011 Workcamp project. As you may very well know, none of our neighborhood roads are called Elm Street. The Elm Street Program is actually a statewide program and its name refers to the Pennsylvania tradition of naming streets after trees. The Elm Street Program refers to a designated residential neighborhood adjacent to a downtown that is receiving state funds for revitalization.

  2. What is an Elm Street Program?

    Pennsylvania’s Elm Street Program is a neighborhood revitalization strategy for the Commonwealth’s older residential communities adjacent to commercial corridors. Modeled after the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s highly successful Main Street Four Point Approach®, State Representative Robert Freeman developed the Elm Street concept based on his belief that “you need healthy, stable residential neighborhoods, as well as a healthy and stable commercial downtown, in order for urban communities to succeed.” The Elm Street Five-Point Approach focuses on five interconnected areas of action:

  3. How can I get involved with the Lansdowne-Yeadon Elm Street Program?

    Whether you’re a neighborhood resident, community organizer, local business, or regional stakeholder, we’re counting on your input and support!

  4. Where are other Elm Street Programs operating?

    Since former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell signed the Elm Street Program into law in February 2004, the Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) has designated 39 Elm Street Programs across the Commonwealth. For more information, visit the PA Downtown Center.