Safe, Clean & Green

The Safe, Clean & Green Committee has these objectives:

Crime Reduction & Safety

  • Coordinate block watch efforts

Streetscape & Blight Reduction

  • Establish a tool library for community members
  • Repair sidewalks and driveways and improve front yards
  • Assess lots and promote a sale or community project
  • Partner with local developers to renovate 8 dilapidated homes

Aesthetics & Traffic Flow

  • Partner with the Boroughs of Lansdowne and Yeadon to improve and repair streets

Recreational Opportunities

  • Make park improvements, including equipment and grounds
  • Promote Nile Swim Club events, host fundraisers, and related initiatives

Stormwater Management

  • Provide and install 25 rain barrels
  • Provide and install 75 street trees
  • Create a public rain garden

Home Energy Efficiency & Waste Reduction

  • Coordinate energy education classes and media

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To learn more or share your Safe, Clean & Green ideas, contact the Elm Street Manager at 610.745.4013 or