Neighborhood Advisory Committee

The Neighborhood Advisory Committee (NAC) meets regularly to provide oversight and make recommendations for the Lansdowne-Yeadon Elm Street Program implementation process. NAC members serve three-year terms.

The seven-member NAC consists of:

  1. 2 neighborhood residents appointed by Lansdowne Borough Council
  2. 2 neighborhood residents appointed by Yeadon Borough Council
  3. 1 member of Lansdowne Borough Council
  4. 1 member of Yeadon Borough Council
  5. 1 neighborhood resident or property owner who is a member of the Lansdowne Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors

The NAC is responsible for helping to maintain sustainability of the program.


The Neighborhood Advisory Committee has these objectives:


  • Nominate Neighborhood Advisory Committee members
  • Establish Elm Street Program committees and recruit volunteers
  • Hold committee meetings and keep meeting records
  • Ensure compliance with Lansdowne Economic Development Corporation’s bylaws and regulations


  • Conduct resident surveys, analyze results, and make recommendations
  • Review accomplishments and budget annually

Partners & Resources

  • Host fundraisers
  • Identify new partners for cash and in-kind donations
  • Identify regular and on-going funding

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To learn more about the NAC or share your Sustainable Organization ideas, contact the Elm Street Manager at 610.745.4013 or