Tree Project Along Wycombe Avenue

August 13th, 2014

The Union Gardens Elm Street Program has received a grant to purchase and plant street trees in our target neighborhood. After walking the area and researching the best trees, it was felt that Wycombe Avenue from Baily Road to Nyack would be a great place to plant them. The program is still in its beginning stages as property owners are being contacted to determine whether they’d like a tree. The more trees we plant along one targeted street, the more successful and image-changing the project will be (see current and proposed pictures). If not enough homeowners along Wycombe want the trees, another street will be selected. Not only are street trees visually appealing, especially in the fall, but they also provide shade, reduce erosion, help with storm water drainage, and even make a street safer by making it feel more like a residential road and less like an open freeway.

For more information, contact Debbie Brodeur, Elm Street Manager at