Ribbon Cutting for Park Entrance

July 24th, 2014

Lansdowne Borough Council and the Union Gardens Elm Street Program held a ribbon-cutting on Saturday, July 19 to celebrate the completion of the new park entrance/orchard at 129 Fairview Avenue. The new park entrance is made possible through the combined support of the Lansdowne Economic Development Corp. (LEDC), the Borough of Lansdowne, and a grant from PECO. The ribbon-cutting took place at 4:00 pm during a block party in Interboro Park sponsored by the Union Gardens Elm Street Program.

The new entrance makes it possible for park patrons to enter Interboro Park from the east end of Fairview Avenue, in addition to the original entrance on Bartram Avenue. The site was formerly a vacant house that received no attention from investors or prospective home buyers while on the open market. After all efforts failed to garner interest in the property, the Borough took action to acquire, demolish and improve the land for the benefit of the public. In the years to come, residents and visitors to the park will enjoy the fruits of this project when the 29 fruit trees begin to produce pears and apples! The Borough is really excited about this project because it connects the landlocked east end of the park to a pretty densely populated neighborhood to the south and opens up a large section of Yeadon Borough to Interboro Park. The Borough’s work on this project received financial support from the PECO Green Region Program which is aimed at supporting projects that preserve open space under the guidance of the Natural Lands Trust (NLT), the region’s foremost conservation organization. The NLT works to protect forests, fields, wetlands and streams that are essential to the sustainability and quality of life in the region. The additional funding from the LEDC was made possible through the recommendation of the Elm Street Program’s Neighborhood Advisory Committee and was provided by the PA Department of Community & Economic Development. For more park information visit lansdowneborough.com/parks-and-recreation.

Eric Aubrey, Lansdowne Borough Councilman and Chair of the Environment Committee stated, “This park has been a pillar in our community, and some say the center of our community. There was a time growing up in this neighborhood, when everyone knew everyone else. Things have changed over the last few years, but this block party and this orchard are just the beginning of getting to know and look out for each other again. Our vision is to bring this community together again using our current resources so that, like myself, our children grow up proud of their neighborhood and choose to return in order to give back and become examples for our children’s children.”

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